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ngobrolin bLeach yu

Khusus ngebahas manga, favorit, lagi 'in', ataupun manga yang udah lawas banget

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Re: ngobrolin bLeach yu

Postby shinclair » Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:22 pm

eh dra, plis... gw tau homoan lo dah ninggalin lo nikah sama orang lain... tapi tolonglah...


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Re: ngobrolin bLeach yu

Postby rokushou » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:28 pm

Oke, komentar saya untuk beberapa chapter terakhir ini adalah...

Spoiler: show

Ini manga udah punya filler arc untuk filler arc di arc utama yang lagi jalan. Ichigo bahkan belum ngapa-ngapain selama ~40 chapter terakhir. :maf:

"10-verse Aria of Shirou Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works is among the shortest for potentially Strategic-class thaumaturgy invocation that is able to be cast by human. The act of defining the trait of self to invoke the mystery is believed to be the root of this anomaly. It is also theorized that what UBW does is "just" manifesting what's already in Shirou's soul to the realm of Gaia, hence less strain on his Circuits. While projected into the reality plane, UBW makes the Swords that previously is degraded by a rank no longer affected by Gaia's Correction of Wrongness, making it's possible to project 10 Ragnaroks or 10 Surtrs without losing their rank, making it to A+ bordering EX attack to emphasize the meaning of overkill to Shirou's opponent."
- Rokushou's incoherent rambling of Nasuverse #1

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